Founded: 2017 by Marcus Abler & Fredrik Rimmius
Type of business: Real estate
Schibsted invested: 2018
HQ: Stockholm

All Sweden’s housing in one place. The Habity app shows all Sweden’s homes, whether for sale or not, to make it easier to buy, sell and also manage your home.

Founded: 2016 by Daniel Senn
Type of business: Edtech
Schibsted invested: 2017
HQ: Oslo

Poio is an Edtech startup that offers a new and revolutionizing way of teaching kids how to learn to read.

Founded: 2010 by Atle Christiansen
Type of business: Fintech
Schibsted invested: 2017
HQ: Oslo

Harvest is a Fintech startup that offers a robo managed fund to consumers.

Founded: 2015 by Fredrik Sandin & Johan Thuresson
Type of business: Digital Health
Schibsted invested: 2017
HQ: Sweden


Ahum is a marketplace within digital health. Aiming to make psychological help more accessible to all and creates a better match between customer and therapist than any other player in the market.


Founded: 2015 by Jacob Rudbäck
Type of business: Marketplace
Schibsted invested: 2017
HQ: Sweden

Yepstr is a marketplace where young people can find their first jobs and start building a career.


Founded: 2016 by Ola Degerfors, Axel Hellström & Henrik Fräsén
Type of business: Marketplace
Schibsted invested: 2017
HQ: Sweden

Hygglo is a marketplace for renting and renting out items, empowering consumers to consume smarter.

Founded: 2016 by Dennis Ahlsén, Mathias Johansson & Jonas Hultin
Type of business: Fintech
Schibsted invested: 2016
HQ: Stockholm

Bynk is a mobile bank with an initial focus on consumer loans.


Founded: 2014 by Carl Johan Nordquist & Dag Wardaeus 
Type of business: Fintech
Schibsted invested: 2016
HQ: Sweden

Hypoteket disrupts the mortgage market by offering competitive consumer products financed by institutional investors.

Founded: 2016 by Andreas BengtssonJay Lindelycke
Type of business: Dating
Schibsted invested:  2016
HQ: Varberg

GoodOnes is a dating app where all users are verified through BankID.


Founded: 2015 by Salman Eskandari & Arta Mandegari
Type of business: Consumer services, Mobile, AI
Schibsted invested: 2016
HQ: Sweden

Albert is a service that helps educate children in math and provides indiviudalized an tailored tutoring enabled by AI.

Founded: 2016
Type of business: Hair and beauty marketplace
HQ: Norway

Styletime is a marketplace for hair- beauty- and wellness, with a free booking system for salons. The product has been developed by Let's deal Norway, and has ambitious growth plans in the Norwegian market.

Founded:  1999
Type of business:  Consumer Internet / E-commerce
Schibsted invested:  2015
Market:  Sweden is Sweden's leading marketplace for wine and offers over 200,000 Swedish consumers guidance on selection, collection and purchases of wine through digital platforms and on social media.

Founded: 2012 by Eirik Nordeide Helgøy & Geir Morten Nilsen
Type of business: Marketplace for real estate agents
Schibsted invested: 2015
Markets: Norway helps Norwegian consumers find a real estate agent in their local neighborhood, by presenting local sales statistics, user reviews and presentations of the real estate agents.


Founded: 2014 by Pierre Hervé and Olivier Xu
Type of business: Mobile Recruiting
Schibsted invested: 2015
Markets: France

Kudoz's objective is to simplify and speed up the mobile recruitment process. Targeted at the general public and more specifically at executive-level staff who already hold jobs, Kudoz allows possible job opportunities to be monitored. Candidates are receptive to this innovation: in one year, Kudoz has already won over more than 100,000 users and is the top-rated application in France on the iPhone and Android.


Founded: 2012 by Geir Engdahl and Olav Djupvik
Type of business: Marketplace
Schibsted invested: 2014
Markets: Norway, Canada 

Snapsale is an app that radically simplifies the process of buying and selling used stuff. The app was launched in 2014 and Schibsted invested the same year.

Monsieur Drive

Founded: 2012 by Karine Brana, Carole Walter & Pierre Beauhaire
Type of Business: Groceries Shopping Comparison Engine
Schibsted invested: 2014
Divested: 2016
Markets: France allows consumers to shop online at local hypermarkets. Consumers compose their basket, check availability and prices in different shops and checkout at the shop of their choice. This new shopping method is currently used by nearly 30% of French households.

Prêt d’Union

Founded: 2009 by Geoffroy Guigou & Charles Egly
Type of business: Peer-to-peer lending
Schibsted invested: 2013
Markets: France

Younited Credit is a “peer-to-peer” lending marketplace, that matches borrowers looking for consumer loans with individual investors willing to optimize their returns through a user friendly and transparent online platform.

Founded: 2005 by Jakob Tolleryd & Marc Lickfett
Type of business: Marketplace for financial services
Acquired by Schibsted: 2013
Markets: Sweden helps consumers to compare prices and conditions for financial services such as consumer loans, mortgages, credit cards, savings as well as for insurances, utilities, telecom services and more.


Founded: 2011 by Amir Mofidi & Dimitrij Hallengren
Type of business: Digital marketplace for health care 
Schibsted invested: 2013
Divested: 2015
Markets: Sweden

Bokavå is a marketplace for consumers and health care providers and offers a simplified way of finding the right care solution for individuals.


Founded: 2009 by Arne Kepp, Mats Staugaard & Magnus Kolstad
Type of business: Digital consumer service  
Schibsted invested: 2013
Markets: Norway

KickBack is an e-commerce performance marketing platform helping consumers save money and retailers selling their products online through voucher codes, cashback and content marketing. KickBack's technology is behind Aftonbladet Rabatkod ( in Sweden, Jyllands Posten Rabatkoder ( in Denmark, Rzeczpospolita Kody Rabatowe ( in Poland and VG Rabattkoder ( in Norway.

2009 by Roni Bicer, Jens Lennen & Daniel Nyhrén
Type of business: Online marketplace for factoring
Schibsted invested: 2013
Markets: Sweden

Fakturabörsen is an innovative marketplace where SME's can sell their invoices (accounts receivable) to professional financial investors such as hedge funds, investment companies and other institutional investors. In this way SME's receive financing in 24 hours with a 30-50 % p.a. lower rate than with traditional factoring.


Founded: 2013
Type of business: Marketplace for mortgage loans
Schibsted invested: 2013
Markets: Sweden

MittBolå is a free service that helps consumers find the right mortgage before buying a property or when renegotiating an existing mortgage.


Founded 2010 by Ulf Mazur & Håkan Fagerberg
Type of business: Price 
comparison of groceries
Schibsted invested: 2013
Divested: 2014
Markets: Sweden

Matpriskollen was founded in 2010 and launched in 2012. And has since helpsed conumers keep track of FCMG pricing through providing tools for seeing the latest offers and shop smarter in local grocery stores by using their smartphones.

Founded: in 2010 by Knut Tore Jevnesveen
Type of business: Digital service (SaaS)
Schibsted invested: 2012
Divested: 2016
Markets: Norway offers consumers a full-service for renting out thier homes to third parties.


Founded: 2012
Type of business: Digital books
Schibsted invested: 2012
Divested: 2015
Markets: Sweden

Bokon offers consumers digital books that can be consumed across all digital platforms as e-books as well as audio books using Bokon. Owners include Schibsted, Piratförlaget and Dem oberoende.

2012 by Alexander Pärleros
Type of business: Digital comparision of mobile subscriptions
Schibsted invested: 2012
Markets: Sweden

Mobilio is a digital service that helps consumers to compare, choose and order the mobile subscriptions best suited to their needs.


Founded: 2011 by Magnus Engervall & Ahmed Al-Rahma
Type of business: Peer-to-peer 
Schibsted invested: 2012
Divested: 2015
Markets: Sweden is a digital marketplace that provides car owners with a safe way of letting out their car and generating income and drivers with a wider option of cars, on more locations and to lower prices.


Founded: 2006 by Aleksandar Goga, Jeffrey Singh & Vishal Nanda
Type of business: Digital marketplace for services
Schibsted invested: 2011
Markets: Sweden

ServiceFinder is an online marketplace for services where consumers and service providers can take advantage of the great matchmaking abilities of the Internet. The business model rests on the sale of leads to prescreened affiliated service providing companies. Each year ServiceFinder helps over thousands of customers receive relevant quotes from well recommended and professional service providers.

2010 by Alexander Hars & Lars Karlsson
Type of business: Digital daily deals
Schibsted invested: 2010
Markets: Sweden & Norway

Let's deal was founded by the IT entrepreneurs Alexander Hars and Lars Karlsson and offer heavily discounted deals on a daily basis enabled by the power of collaborative consumption. &

Founded: 2012
Type of business: Digital and audio bookstore
Schibsted invested: 2012
Divested: 2015
Markets: Norway offers consumers e-books and audio books that can be consumed across all digital platforms. The service was relaunched October 2013.

Aquired by Vigmostad&Bjørke May 2015

Easy ad

Founded: 2008 by Bengt Berglund & Stian Garthus
Type of business: Advertising technology
Schibsted invested: 2011
Markets: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Austra & Brazil.

EasyAd offers a automated DIY system for ad creation, to both publishers and advertisers. Customers include, and EasyAd also offer an automated upsale and distribution system for classified sites, customers include,  and

Founded: 2011
Type of business: Digital comparison of insurances 
Markets: Sweden helps consumers compare and choose car insurance based on thier needs and pre-requists.

Type of business: Market place for electricity providers
Schibsted invested: 2011 
Markets: Sweden & Norway

With Elpriser consumers can compare home electricity providers and choose the one most suited to thier needs. &


2011 by Pierre Siri
Type of business: Digital weather service
Schibsted invested: 2011
Markets: Sweden is a weather service that presents weather in an easy, quick and accurate way for over 20,000 locations and golf tracs in Sweden and 180,000 more places around the world.

2007 by Dennis Ahlsén, Fredrik Jung-Abbou & Thomas Hjelm
Type of business: Marketplace for consumer loans
Schibsted invested: 2009
Markets: Sweden, Norway & Finland

Lendo offers consumers a free service for comparison of consumer loans and acts as a marketplace and broker of consumer loans, for banks. &


1999 by Thorbjörn Kjaergaard
Type of business: Marketplace for utility services
Schibsted invested: 2009
Markets: Sweden

Kundkraft helps it's members to lower their electricity bills by offering a collaborative procurement of home electricity.

Founded: 2006 by Lars Östling & Maths Nilsson
Type of business: Digital advertorials
Schibsted invested: 2008
Markets: Sweden

MiniMedia is produces and distributes digital branded content and advertorials.


Founded: 2008
Type of business: Online travel search & booking
Divested: 2014
Markets: Sweden gathers hundreds of thousands of travel destinations from the leading travel agencies, hotels, airlines, charters and car rentals and helps you find and book the best option quickly and easily.

Acquired by Reisegiganten in 2014. 

Founded: 2005 by Joakim Pops & Fredrik Persson
Type of business: Digital ad network
Schibsted invested: 2007
Markets: Sweden & Norway

Webtraffic has grown to become one of the biggest networks for online and mobile advertising in Sweden. Today, Webtraffic is a part of Schibsted Sales. &

Founded: 1999 by Thomas Meivert
Type of business: Digital content 
Schibsted invested: 2007
Markets: Sweden offers a simple, quick and personalized digital service, a new type of TV-guide.


Founded: 2002 by Jonas Bonde & Franz Hänel
Type of business: Digital price comparison
Schibsted invested: 2006
HQ: Sweden

Prisjakt is an information and comparison service that helps consumers find the lowest prices and the products most suited to their needs, from the best retailers.


Founded: 2000
Type of business: Social Media
Schibsted invested: 2009
Divested: 2012
Markets: Sweden is an online travel community. 

Acquired by United Sites of Europe in 2012. 

Founded: 2001 by Börje Börjesson
Type of business: Online dating
Schibsted invested: 2005
Markets: Sweden & Norway

Mötesplatsen is an online dating service with over 140 000 active members in the Nordics.

Founded: 2004 
Type of business: Online directory, search & listings
Schibsted invested: 2005 
Exit: 2017 
Markets: Sweden helps Swedes to find companies, persons and places every day by providing addresses, phonenumbers, industry listings, maps, directions, street images, satelite images etc.

Founded: 1996 by Henrik Nordström
Type of business: Digital marketplace
Schibsted invested: 2003 
Markets: Sweden, + ca 40 is a service for classified ads online. It's also a marketplace for real estate, jobs and shopping. The Blocket concept has successfully been launched on several markets globally. 

Today is a part of Schibsted Marketplaces.

Type of business: Digital marketplace
Schibsted invested: 2002
Markets: Sweden is a marketplace for cars, vans, caravans, motor homes and motorcycles from outlets and garages.

Today Bytbil is a part of Schibsted Marketplaces.

Schibsted Growth is a part of Schibsted Media Group, we invest in and manage a portfolio of fast growing digital companies.